Olivier Puertas

Main affiliation : Laboratoire Chrono-Écologie (ex Chrono-environnement) (Université de Franche-Comté)

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Pollen analysis - Auneau (F-28), 1996 : Le Parc du Château, forage A10

Collected date : from 1996 to 1997

Natural site: drilling. 71 palynological samples + 4 radiocarbon datings (one is wrong, too recent). Malacological studies by Nicole Limondin (1997).

Pollen analysis - Bons-en-Chablay (F-74), A400, Les Teppes

Collected date : 1997

Archaeological site: soil pits by AFAN. 7 palynological samples. Nearly sterile samples.

Pollen analysis - Levroux (F-36), Hôpital local

Collected date : 1997

Archaeological excavation. 25 palynological samples. Very positive results to be exploited. Very complete report (H. Richard, 1997).

Pollen analysis - Tavaux (F-39), TAR

Collected date : 1997

Natural site, geological section. 50 palynological samples. Bad preservation pollen grains.

Pollen analysis - Moissey (F-39), Pré Renaud

Collected date : 1998
Creators : Olivier Puertas

Natural site: peat bog. 28 palynological samples.

Pollen analysis - Présilly (F-74), A41, Eccorçon/Copponex

Collected date : 1998

Archaeological site, INRAP (ex AFAN) excavation. 41 palynological samples + 1 radiocarbon dating. Two sections (c and e). Very poor samples.

6 results


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