Translations : spiropyrrolidine

Frame of reference : The IUPAC International Chemical Identifier identified by 1S/C11H12N2O/c14-10-11(5-6-12-7-11)8-3-1-2-4-9(8)13-10/h1-4,12H,5-7H2,(H,13,14)

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Antimicrobial Activity and DFT Studies of a Novel Set of Spiropyrrolidines Tethered with Thiochroman-4-one/Chroman-4-one Scaffolds

A novel series of 14 spiropyrrolidines bearing thiochroman-4-one/chroman-4-one, and oxindole/acenaphthylene-1,2-dione moieties were synthesized and characterized by spectroscopic techniques, as well as by three X-ray diffraction studies, corroborating the stereochemistry. Quantum chemical ...

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