Translations : sedimentology, sédimentologie

Frame of reference : PACTOLS identified by 17188

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Pollen analysis - Fontenu (F-39), Domaine CID I et CID II

Collected date : from Mar 2021 ongoing

Two boreholes (CID I of 5.77 m and CID II of 7.63 m) were drilled off the Domaine de Chalain (east bank), 65-70 m from the shore. 57 pollen samples were taken from CID I and 21 from CID II + 5 radiocarbon dates.

Pollen analysis - Bonlieu (F-39), Lac de Bonlieu (prise d'eau)

Collected date : 1981
Creators : Hervé Richard

Peat bog. 11 palynological samples. Stratifical limit between lacustrin chalk and peat.

2 results


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