Bird counts at Buanyuantula, Makalondi, Niger 1991-1993 (2022)

Data collector : Pierre Souvairan [1]
Related person : Patrick Giraudoux [2], Dominique Michelat
[1] : Communauté de Taizé
[2] : Laboratoire Chrono-environnement (UMR 6249) (Université de Franche-Comté)
Description :
Bird counts along transects carried out by Pierre Souvairan (1921-1998) from June 1991 to September 1993 at Buanyuantula (spelled Boignontoula in OpenStreetMap), Makalondi, Niger, near the Kulbu pools. Patrick Giraudoux helped Pierre Souvairan to design the protocol during his stays in Dijon, France. Patrick Giraudoux (in December 1991) and Dominique Michelat (in July-August 1995) visited Pierre Souvairan once on the spot at Buanyuantula, then digitized and secured the data.
Disciplines :
biodiversity conservation (applied biology - ecology), ecology (applied biology - ecology), ornithology (applied biology - ecology)
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General metadata

Data acquisition date : from 10 Jun 1991 to 20 Sep 1993
Data acquisition methods :
  • Observational data :
    Two transect strips were walked, corresponding to grids of 100 x 100 m mesh. Each transect was walked along a line crossing the grid, observing birds at maximum 50 m on each side of the transect line.

    - The NS strip corresponds to a 2.5 km x 200 m strip. The grid consists in two contiguous sub-strips (one north, one south of 100 x 100 m mesh each) stretching E - W between Buanyuantula and the Kulbu pools depression. Three 2.5 km transects lines were walked: one "N" in the middle of the northern strip, one "M", median, at the common border of the two strips, one "S" in the middle of the southern strip.

    - Transects B, for "bas-fond" (wetland), has two discrete segments 01B-10B and 16B-25B, and was walked at the higher water limit of the Kulbu pools area.

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Spatial coverage :

  • Makalondi, Niger: latitude between 12° 48' 21" N and 12° 47' 45" N, longitude between 1° 42' 53" E and 1° 44' 25" E

Time coverage :

Taxonomic coverage :

  • 172 espèces d'oiseaux
    Accipiter badius COL (Shikra), Amadina fasciata COL (Cut-throat Finch), Hedydipna platura COL (Pygmy Sunbird), Anthus campestris COL (Tawny Pipit), Aquila rapax COL (Tawny Eagle), Batis senegalensis COL (Senegal Batis), Bubalornis albirostris COL (White-billed Buffalo Weaver), Bubo africanus COL (Spotted Eagle-Owl), Buphagus africanus COL (Yellow-billed Oxpecker), Burhinus capensis COL (Spotted Thick-knee), Butastur rufipennis COL (Grasshopper Buzzard), Camaroptera brachyura COL (Green-backed Camaroptera), Campethera punctuligera COL (Fine-spotted Woodpecker), Centropus senegalensis COL (Senegal Coucal), Cercotrichas podobe COL (Black Scrub Robin), Cercotrichas galactotes COL (Rufous-tailed Scrub Robin), Chrysococcyx caprius COL (Dideric Cuckoo), Chrysococcyx klaas COL (Klaas's Cuckoo), Circaetus cinereus COL (Brown Snake Eagle), Circus aeruginosus COL (Western Marsh Harrier), Circus macrourus COL (Pallid Harrier), Clamator levaillantii COL (Levaillant's Cuckoo), Columba guinea COL (Speckled Pigeon), Coracias abyssinicus COL (Abyssinian Roller), Coracias naevius COL (Purple Roller), Corvinella corvina COL (Yellow-billed Shrike), Cossypha niveicapilla COL (Snowy-crowned Robin-Chat), Crinifer piscator COL (Western Grey Plantain-eater), Cuculus canorus COL (Common Cuckoo), Rhinoptilus chalcopterus COL (Bronze-winged Courser), Dendropicos obsoletus COL (Brown-backed Woodpecker), Dicrurus adsimilis COL (Fork-tailed Drongo), Emberiza flaviventris COL (Golden-breasted Bunting), Emberiza goslingi COL (Gosling's Bunting), Eremomella pusilla COL (Senegal Eremomela), Eremopterix leucotis COL (Chestnut-backed Sparrow-Lark), Uraeginthus bengalus COL (Red-cheeked Cordon-bleu), Euplectes orix COL (Red Bishop), Eupodotis melanogaster COL (Black-bellied Bustard), Lophotis ruficrista COL (Red-crested Korhaan), Eurystomus glaucurus COL (Broad-billed Roller), Francolinus bicalcaratus COL (Double-spurred Francolin), Peliperdix coqui COL (Coqui Francolin), Halcyon leucocephala COL (Gray-headed Kingfisher), Hirundo rustica COL (Barn Swallow), Cecropis senegalensis COL (Mosque Swallow), Indicator indicator COL (Greater Honeyguide), Lagonosticta senegala COL (Red-billed Firefinch), Lamprotornis caudatus COL (Long-tailed Glossy Starling), Lamprotornis chalybaeus COL (Greater Blue-eared Starling), Lamprotornis purpureus COL (Purple Starling), Laniarius barbarus COL (Yellow-crowned Gonolek), Lonchura malabarica COL (Indian Silverbill), Luscinia megarhynchos COL (Common Nightingale), Lybius vieilloti COL (Vieillot's Barbet), Melierax gabar COL (Gabar Goshawk), Melierax metabates COL (Dark Chanting Goshawk), Merops orientalis COL (Asian Green Bee-eater), Milvus migrans COL (Black Kite), Muscicapa striata COL (Spotted Flycatcher), Nectarinia pulchella COL (Beautiful sunbird), Nilaus afer COL (Brubru), Numida meleagris COL (Helmeted Guineafowl), Oenanthe oenanthe COL (Northern Wheatear), Oena capensis COL (Namaqua Dove), Oriolus auratus COL (African Golden Oriole), Passer griseus COL (Northern Grey-headed Sparrow), Petronia dentata COL (Bush Petronia), Rhinopomastus aterrimus COL (Black Scimitarbill), Phoeniculus purpureus COL (Green Wood Hoopoe), Phylloscopus sibilatrix COL (Wood warbler), Pycnonotus barbatus COL (Common Bulbul), Ploceus luteolus COL (Little Weaver), Ploceus velatus COL (Southern Masked Weaver), Pogoniolus chrysoconus COL (Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird), Poicephalus senegalus COL (Senegal Parrot), Polemaetus bellicosus COL (Martial Eagle), Prinia subflava COL (Tawny-flanked Prinia), Prionops plumatus COL (White-crested Helmetshrike), Psittacula krameri COL (Rose-ringed Parakeet), Pterocles exustus COL (Chestnut-bellied Sandgrouse), Pterocles quadricinctus COL (Four-banded Sandgrouse), Ptilopachus petrosus COL (Stone Partridge), Pytilia melba COL (Green-winged Pytilia), Anthoscopus punctifrons COL (Sennar Penduline Tit), Sarkidiornis melanotos COL (Comb Duck), Ciconia abdimii COL (Abdim's Stork), Sporopipes frontalis COL (Speckle-fronted Weaver), Lamprotornis pulcher COL (Chestnut-bellied Starling), Streptopelia decipiens COL (Mourning Collared Dove), Spilopelia senegalensis COL (Laughing Dove), Streptopelia vinacea COL (Vinaceous Dove), Sylvietta brachyura COL (Northern Crombec), Tchagra senegalus COL (Black-crowned Tchagra), Terpsiphone viridis COL (African Paradise Flycatcher), Tockus erythrorhynchus COL (Northern Red-billed Hornbill), Tockus nasutus COL (African Gray Hornbill), Turdoides plebeius COL (Brown Babbler), Turdus pelios COL (African Thrush), Turtur abyssinicus COL (Black-billed Wood Dove), Upupa epops COL (Common Hoopoe), Vanellus senegallus COL (African Wattled Lapwing), Vanellus tectus COL (Black-headed Lapwing), Vidua chalybeata COL (Village Indigobird), Vidua orientalis COL (Sahel Paradise Whydah), Treron waalia COL (Bruce's Green Pigeon), Dendropicos goertae COL (African Grey Woodpecker), Falco ardosiaceus COL (Grey Kestrel), Streptopelia semitorquata COL (Red-eyed Dove), Estrilda troglodytes COL (Black-rumped Waxbill), Sylvia communis COL (Common Whitethroat), Phylloscopus bonelli COL (Western Bonelli's Warbler), Phylloscopus collybita COL (Common Chiffchaff), Glaucidium perlatum COL (Pearl-spotted Owlet), Ploceus cucullatus COL (Village Weaver), Mirafra rufocinnamomea COL (Flappet Lark), Plocepasser superciliosus COL (Chestnut-crowned Sparrow-Weaver), Quelea quelea COL (Red-billed Quelea), Chalcomitra senegalensis COL (Scarlet-chested sunbird), Hippolais polyglotta COL (Melodious Warbler), Emberiza cabanisi COL (Cabanis's Bunting), Oenanthe melanura COL (Blackstart), Anthus trivialis COL (Tree Pipit), Buteo auguralis COL (Red-necked Buzzard), Caprimulgus inornatus COL (Plain Nightjar), Caprimulgus longipennis COL (Standard-winged Nightjar), Circus pygargus COL (Montagu's Harrier), Cursorius temminckii COL (Temminck's Courser), Cypsiurus parvus COL (African Palm-Swift), Clamator jacobinus COL (Jacobin Cuckoo), Dryoscopus gambensis COL (Northern Puffback), Elanus caeruleus COL (Black-winged Kite), Estrilda caerulescens COL (Lavender Waxbill), Eupodotis senegalensis COL (White-bellied Bustard), Falco biarmicus COL (Lanner Falcon), Ficedula hypoleuca COL (European Pied Flycatcher), Halcyon chelicuti COL (Striped Kingfisher), Halcyon senegalensis COL (Woodland Kingfisher), Aquila spilogaster COL (African Hawk-Eagle), Cecropis daurica COL (Red-rumped Swallow), Jynx torquilla COL (Eurasian Wryneck), Lanius senator COL (Woodchat Shrike), Malaconotus blanchoti COL (Grey-headed Bushshrike), Merops nubicus COL (Northern Carmine Bee-eater), Merops albicollis COL (White-throated Bee-eater), Neotis denhami COL (Denham's Bustard), Oenanthe bottae COL (Red-breasted Wheatear), Parus niger COL (Southern Black Tit), Phoenicurus phoenicurus COL (Common Redstart), Phylloscopus trochilus COL (Willow Warbler), Saxicola rubetra COL (Whinchat), Crithagra mozambica COL (Yellow-fronted Canary), Sylvia borin COL (Garden Warbler), Vidua macroura COL (Pin-tailed Whydah), Kaupifalco monogrammicus COL (Lizard Buzzard), Caprimulgus climacurus COL (Long-tailed Nightjar), Ptilopsis leucotis COL (Northern White-faced Owl), Lybius dubius COL (Bearded Barbet), Iduna pallida COL (Eastern Olivaceous Warbler), Polyboroides radiatus COL (Madagascar Harrier-Hawk), Falco tinnunculus TAXREF (Common Kestrel), Streptopelia turtur COL (European Turtle-Dove), Corythornis cristatus COL (Malachite Kingfisher), Sylvia cantillans COL (Subalpine Warbler), Merops pusillus COL (Little Bee-eater), Indicator minor COL (Lesser Honeyguide), Crithagra leucopygia COL (White-rumped Seedeater), Butorides striata COL (Green-backed Heron), Merops persicus COL (Blue-cheeked Bee-eater), Falco cuvierii COL (African Hobby), Cisticola cantans COL (Singing Cisticola), Zosterops senagalensis COL (African Yellow White-eye)
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