Water resources

Translations : water resources ; ressources en eau

Domain : sciences of the universe

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This project is based on three disciplines: seismology, hydrogeology and climatology. It aims to develop a new approach to monitor hydrogeological reservoirs, in particular karst aquifers, subject to extreme climatic events. The objective is to carry out 4D imaging during floods in a watershed ...

Winter Very Long Dry Spells events referencing over the Mediterranean Basin (1957-2013)

Collected date : from 1 Oct 2014 to 4 Dec 2017
Creators : Florian Raymond

The excel file contains the schedule of the longest dry sequences over the Mediterranean basin, detected during the season from September to April, between 1957 and 2013.

Hydrology, Climate Change, Adaptation, Water Resource in Burgundy (HYCCARE-Burgundy)

Collected date : from 1 Dec 2013 ongoing

Dynamical climate downscaling is realized using the WRF Regional Climate Model at 48km and 12km resolution respectively for Burgundy region. Climate simulations are used to feed the hydrological model GR4J towards the simulation of water ressource trends for 13 watersheds. Climate simulation ...

3 results

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