Ecuador's Pastaza province cocoa farmers interviews (in spanish) (2024)

Data creator : Angélica Cahuana [1]
Related person : Olivier Méric [1]
[1] : Centre interlangues : texte, image, langage (Université de Bourgogne)
Description :
Audio interviews with cocoa farmers on their farms in Ecuador's Pastaza province about their relationship with cocoa and chocolate. Interviews conducted in Spanish by a native speaker, then transcribed.
Disciplines :
language & linguistics (humanities), linguistics (humanities)

General metadata

Data acquisition date : from Sep 2019 to Dec 2019
Data acquisition methods :
Update periodicity : as needed
Language : Spanish; Castilian (spa)
Formats : audio/mpeg, text/plain
Audience : University: licence, University: master, Research, Policy maker, Informal Education


Spatial coverage :

  • Equateur: latitude 1° 27' 45" S, longitude 78° 0' 7" W

Time coverage :

Taxonomic coverage :

  • Analyse du discours produit en Équateur autour de la production du cacao et du chocolat
    Theobroma cacao COL (cacao)
Additional information :
Data collected as part of Angelica Cahuana's thesis in Language Sciences, co-supervised by Laurent Gautier, Professor, University of Burgundy - TIL Lab, and Stephanne Patin, Professor, Université Paris Cité.
Record created 7 May 2024 by Angélica Cahuana.
Last modification : 7 May 2024.
Local identifier: FR-13002091000019-2024-05-07.


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