Tonnellerie 2000 (2023)

Data creators : Régis Gougeon [1], Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin [2]
Data collector : Arnaud De Boel [3]
Related person : Marianna Lucio [2]
[1] : Procédés alimentaires et microbiologiques (Université de Bourgogne)
[2] : Centre Helmholtz de Munich
[3] : Université de Bourgogne
Description :
Metabolomics of cooperage oak wood and barrel aged wines
Discipline :
food science & technology (applied biology - ecology)
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Data acquisition date : from 1995 to 2006
Data acquisition methods :
  • Experimental data :
    Non-targeted molecular analysis by ultra-high resolution mass spectrometry (FT-ICR-MS), in the lab of prof. Philippe Schmitt-Kopplin, Helmholtz Center Munich
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Language : French (fra)
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  • Species
    Quercus petraea COL (Sessile oak), Quercus robur COL (Pedonculate oak)
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Additional information :
The “Tonnellerie 2000” experiment, set up in 1996, made it possible to bring together a sampling of cooperage wood unique to date, representing 12 pairs of species and geographical origins. A sessile oak barrel from the Tronçais forest is an example of a species-geographical origin pair. More information on sampling can be found here

Each of the 12 barrels corresponding to the twelve species-geographical origin pairs was then used to make different wines.
A first series of wine-making experiments was carried out during the 1998 harvest, with a red wine from the Mercurey 1er cru appellation and a white wine from the Beaune 1er cru appellation. A second series of winemaking experiments was carried out in 2002, with two red wines, one from the Gigondas appellation and the other from the Côte-Rotie appellation. In each case, the same wine was aged in twelve different barrels, representative of the twelve species-geographical origin pairs. At the end of aging, each of the barrels was bottled, and it is the metabolomic analyzes of these bottles which are the subject of this sheet.
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