KARSTNAPL : Comportement et élimination de phases liquides non aqueuses dans des modèles d’aquifères fracturés et fissurés

Date : from Oct 2018 to Sep 2021

Funders :
  • Cofinancement de thèse ADEME-BRGM (ADEME french agency)
  • SRO OSU THETA 2017 (OSU)
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Pure liquid phase recovery in karstic medium

Collected date : from Mar 2017 ongoing

This project is about the study in 2D-cells of fractured media, contaminated by pure phase hydrocarbons. Cosidered systems are made of 3 non-miscible fluids (air, water and hydrocarbons), considering light and dense hydrocarbons. First, the fluids behavior and the distribution of contaminants were ...

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