BIOTROPH - Influence de la biodiversité sur les transferts de contaminants dans les réseaux trophiques

Date : from 2012 to 2015

Funders :
  • Conseil régional du Nord-Pas de Calais (ordre N° 12000921 & 14001044) (Another region)
  • contrat N° 1172C0030 (ADEME french agency)
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BIOTROPH - Molecular Ecology

Collected date : from Apr 2012 to Jul 2014

A data set for the project ‘BIOTROPH’. The aim of this study was to estimate functional role of the taxonomic diversity of available resources in the field on trophic exposure of small mammals (wood mice ‘Apodemus sylvaticus’) to trace metals (TM; principally cadmium, lead and zinc). The data was ...

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