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Jurassic Karst

Hydrogeochemical monitoring of karst springs in the Jura mountains

Hydrochemical database from Séchilienne unstable slope (French Alps)

Collected date : from Sep 2010 ongoing
Creators : Catherine Bertrand

High freqency field measurements of hydrochemical parameters (Ca, Mg, K, Na, Cl, SO4, SiO2) and physical parameters (electrical conductivy, temperature and water levels. -Sept 2010-sept 2012 : 4 springs with automatic water samplers (major elements), 4 CTD probes (OTT CTD) for electrical ...

Zones humides basse vallée de l'Ain

Collected date : from 1 Jul 1982 ongoing
Creators : Gudrun Bornette

Aquatic plant communities and water physico-chemical data of cut-off river channels of the Ain river.

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