Sandrine Baudin

Main affiliation : Observatoire de REcherche Montpelliérain de l'Environnement (UAR 3282)

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OMIV - Time series of landslide surface displacements measured by GPS/GNSS

Collected date : from 11 Apr 2003 ongoing
Creators : OMIV

GPS/GNSS observations acquired on OMIV landslides at 24h/30s session/frequency in Rinex standardized file format. Time series of sensor positions and baselines (E, N, Up components).

OMIV - Time serie of seismic waveforms recorded on landslides and catalogue of endogenous seismic events

Collected date : from 21 Sep 2006 ongoing
Creators : OMIV

Seismic waveforms continuous records acquired on OMIV landslides at 250 Hz in miniseed standardized file format. Instrumental catalogue of endogenous seismic events.

2 results


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