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Pollen analysis - Les Rousses (F-39), Les Rousses lake

Collected date : from 1986 to 2021
Creators : Hervé Richard

Natural site: peat bog near the lake's outlet. 16 palynological samples. The selection was made in several drillings. Two pollen tests performed in 2021 towards the lake outlet.

Pollen analysis - Vaux-lès-Saint-Claude (F-39), Eau Morte

Collected date : from Oct 2021 ongoing
Creators : Hervé Richard

Pollen tests in the filling of a circular depression (ice rest, pockmark?) in the heart of a meander of the Bienne. Two samples: 162 and 200 cm deep.

Pollen analysis - Le Locle (NE, CH), Col des Roches (Projet H20)

Collected date : from Jun 2020 ongoing

The archaeological surveys carried out on the Le Locle bypass road have made it possible to make several test borring in the upper part of the fill of the area located south of the city, between the city and the Col des Roches, in the Marais des Calame and Marais de la Molière. Two sections were ...

Pollen analysis - Fontenu (F-39), Domaine CID I et CID II

Collected date : from Mar 2021 ongoing

Two boreholes (CID I of 5.77 m and CID II of 7.63 m) were drilled off the Domaine de Chalain (east bank), 65-70 m from the shore. 57 pollen samples were taken from CID I and 21 from CID II + 5 radiocarbon dates.

Pollen analysis - La Châteleine (F-39), Au vieux château

Collected date : from Jul 2020 ongoing
Creators : Hervé Richard

Only one sample in a natural depression in the heart of the castle excavation.

Pollen analysis - Auneau (F-28), 1996 : Le Parc du Château, forage A10

Collected date : from 1996 to 1997

Natural site: drilling. 71 palynological samples + 4 radiocarbon datings (one is wrong, too recent). Malacological studies by Nicole Limondin (1997).

Pollen analysis - Saint-Jorioz (F-74), Le Beau

Collected date : from 1995 to 2019

Natural site border on the Annecy lake. 16 meters drilling, with boring machine (Apageo) and "russian" corer. 183 palynological samples in 1995 and 24 in 2019 + 9 radiocarbon datings. Never published in its totality.

Pollen analysis - Fontenu (F-39), Lac de Chalain, îlot David, 30 F/G

Archaeological site. Lake dwelling. 18 palynological samples.

Pollen analysis - Saint-Romain-de-Jalionas (F-38), marais de la Besseye

Collected date : from 2021 ongoing

Holocene clayey marsh between glacial moraines and river beds of the Bionnay and Girondan, at the foot of the Crémieu limestone plateau. 24 palynological samples.

Pollen analysis - Mondragon (F-84), Les Ribaudes

Collected date : from 2021 ongoing
Creators : Hervé Richard

Gallic drainage and irrigation network identified in the Holocene floodplain of the Rhone valley (south of Tricastin), 6 palynological samples at MD-RIB S1-583 and 59-7175.

Pollen analysis - Montady (F-34), L'Etang de Montady

Collected date : from 2005 to 2021

Medieval radiating drainage network, built to drain a post-glacial pond developed in an endoreic depression of periglacial eolian origin linked to the Ensérune archaeological site. In 2005: drilling, 10 samples read + one 14C dating; all the rest of the samples read by Sébastien Guillon. In 2021, ...

Pollen analysis - Isle-et-Bardais (F-03), Forêt de Tronçais "Petits jardins"

Collected date : from 2002 to 2004
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological excavations. 18 palynological samples in two series: 2002-2003 (positive) and 2004 (negative).

Pollen analysis - Mondelange (F-57), rue de Metz

Collected date : Feb 2020

4 palynological samples from two Roman wells.

Pollen analysis - Bouverans (F-25), L'entonnoir

Collected date : 2018
Creators : Hervé Richard

Natural site: lake. Lake bottom sampling during the 2018 drought. 9 palynological samples.

Pollen analysis - Rochefort (Suisse, Neuchâtel), Cotencher Cave

Collected date : from 2019 ongoing

10 palynological samples taken from lower levels (older than 72,000 years). Partly sterile or very corrosive. Interesting presence of hornbeam (Carpinus) mixed with steppics in a sample.

Pollen analysis - Beffia (F-39), Tumulus 2001, En Magne ou sur Magne

Disciplines : archaeology
Collected date : from 2001 ongoing
Creators : Hervé Richard

5 palynological samples at the heart of the main burial ground. Almost sterile.

Pollen analysis - Trizac (F-15), Tronque peat bog

Collected date : from Aug 2019 to Nov 2019
Creators : Hervé Richard

Natural site: peat bog. 16 palynological samples in 2019. 3 radiocarbon datings. Palynological tests positive. The last six millennia. Worth re-analyzing with a tighter sampling step and new dates.

Pollen analysis - Andelot-en-Montagne (F-39), Les Chapeaux - Pré à Faivre

Collected date : 1982
Creators : Hervé Richard

Current site, sheep meadow. 4 palynological samples. Samples of sheep dungs (3 in the meadow + 1 in the stable) for comparison with the coproliths of the Neolithic site of Clairvaux.

Pollen analysis - Molesme (F-21), Marais de l'Abîme

Collected date : 1997

Natural site, swamp. 77 palynological samples.

Pollen analysis - Buthiers (F-70), Le château

Collected date : 2010
Creators : Hervé Richard

Natural site: pond edge. 2 palynological samples.

Pollen analysis - Glux-en-Glenne (F-58), Bibracte, Porte du Rebout, "bacs à fleurs"

Collected date : 1987
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological site: section in the rampart. 12 palynological samples: 4 positive.

Pollen analysis - Javols (F-48), Archaeological site

Collected date : 2003
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological site, digs. Only one nearly sterile palynological sample.

Pollen analysis - Alise-Sainte-Reine (F-21), Alésia 97

Collected date : 1997
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological site: ditch in the alluvial plain. Only one palynological sample.

Pollen analysis - Omisalj (Croatia)

Collected date : from Jun 2018 ongoing
Creators : Benjamin Dietre

Pollen analysis conducted in 2018 from a sediment core recovered in 2016 (OMISALJ-2016) at Omisalj, Krk Island.

Pollen analysis - Osor (Croatia)

Collected date : from Jun 2018 ongoing
Creators : Benjamin Dietre

Pollen analysis conducted in 2018 from a sediment core recovered in 2016 (OSOR-2016) at Osor, Cres Island.

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