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Pollen analysis - La Boisse (F-01), A42

Collected date : 2006
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological site: Gallo-Roman villa. 24 palynological samples. Poor samples.

Pollen analysis - Hagenthal-le-Bas (F-68), Vallée du Lertzbach

Collected date : from 2009 to 2010
Creators : Hervé Richard

Natural site: drilling in a wetland. 76 palynological samples + 12 radiocarbon datings. Very complex age-depth model due to an irregular sedimentation caused by the shifting of the creek.

Pollen analysis - Chapdes-Beaufort (F-63), Chartreuse du Port-Sainte-Marie

Collected date : 2000
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological excavations. 3 palynological samples. Poor.

Pollen analysis - Clairvaux-les-lacs (F-39), La Motte aux Magnins

Collected date : 1983
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological site. Lake dwelling. 4 series (+ 1 samples in "food depot"): CQ 96 (7 samples) ; CZ-DA 99-100 (22 samples) ; CW-CX 96-97 (16 samples) ; detail of the level V (69 samples).+ radiocarbon datings + dendrochronological datings.

Pollen analysis - Andelot-en-Montagne (F-39), Peat bog (Andelot I)

Collected date : 1982
Creators : Hervé Richard

Peat bog. 37 palynological samples. New analysis (higher levels) in 2016 (see "Andelot-en-Montagne, Marais (KTH)", Master1 Justine Renard).

Pollen analysis - Aumur (F-39), L'Âge des fourches (St Aubin)

Collected date : 1984
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological site (ancient clay mining pit)?. Pond (mardelle?). 27 palynological samples. Located in the Aumur village (not in Saint-Aubin).

Pollen analysis - Al-Bara (Syrie, Gouvernorat d'Idleb), Serjilla

Collected date : 1999
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological site: section. 2 palynological samples. Deserted village (Serjilla) in northern Syria. Very poor samples.

Pollen analysis - Avenches (Suisse, Vaud), Boat n°3, Roman museum

Collected date : 1987
Creators : Hervé Richard

Two moss samples taken from a Roman boat. This moss ("Neckera crispa") was used to caulk the gaps between the construction elements of this boat. The pollens preserved in these mosses are dominated by beech, fir and spruce so these mosses were probably collected on the limestone sides of the Jura ...

Pollen analysis - Mauguio (F-34), Tonnerre BH 5.1

Collected date : 2004
Creators : Hervé Richard

Drilling near an archaeological excavation. 3 very poor palynological samples.

Pollen analysis - Vandières (F-54), Les Grandes Corvées

Collected date : 1986
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological excavation. 29 palynological samples in two series.

Pollen analysis - Vannes (F-56), precise location unknown

Collected date : 1987
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological site. Excavations in Gallo-Roman pits. 3 palynological samples. Approximate geographical coordinates. No clear indication about the site. Archeolabs samples.

Pollen analysis - Luc-en-Diois (F-26), Lac du Claps (Petit Lac)

Collected date : 1997
Creators : Hervé Richard

Natural site: lake formed in 1442 upstream a natural dam due to a rockslide. Drilling. 16 palynological samples. Opportunities to demonstrate seasonal rhythms.

Pollen analysis - Levroux (F-36), Hôpital local

Collected date : 1997

Archaeological excavation. 25 palynological samples. Very positive results to be exploited. Very complete report (H. Richard, 1997).

Pollen analysis - Genlis (F-21), Zone industrielle (ZI)

Collected date : 1990
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological site, excavations. 3 palynological samples: positive.

Pollen analysis - Chavelot (F-88), Clair Bois

Collected date : from 1984 to 1988
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological site (workshop for cutting firestone) + paleosol. 7 palynological samples. Very poor. Report together with the site of Archette (88) + one sample in 1988.

Pollen analysis - Barrou (F-37), Les Marais

Collected date : from 1985 to 2003
Creators : Hervé Richard

Natural site, wetland near La Creuse river. Located in the earth of "Grand Pressigny" neolithic sites. 26 palynological samples + 4 radiocarbon datings. First drilling in 1985 (by A. Marguet, M. Magny, H. Richard)

Pollen analysis - Arcenant (F-21), Les Berthières (Merovingian necropolis)

Collected date : 1986
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological site: Merovingian tombs. 2 palynological samples.

Pollen analysis - La-Chaux-du-Dombief (F-39), Lac d'Ilay 1982 (deer skeleton)

Collected date : 1982
Creators : Hervé Richard

Natural site: lake, border on the "La Motte d'Ilay" (island). 11 palynological samples. Near a neolithic deer skeleton.

Pollen analysis - Jebel Oust (Tunisie, gouvernorat de Zaghouan), Thermes

Collected date : from 2005 to 2010

Archaeological excavations. 16 palynological samples: 4 in 2005 by Sébastien Guillon (sterile samples) and 12 in 2010 by Hervé Richard (contrasting but sometimes exploitable results).

Pollen analysis - Troyes (F-10), Hôtel du département (fouille 2010)

Collected date : from 2010 to 2011
Creators : Hervé Richard

Urban archaeological excavation. 46 palynological samples + 3 radiocarbon datings. Interesting results: should be published.

Pollen analysis - Tréclun (F-21), Les Bois Davaux

Collected date : 2009
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological excavation. 4 palynological samples. Good conservation. Sedimentary infil of an ancient meander (other ancient meanders are visible on aerial photographs). One 14C : 10120 +/- 50 BP.

Pollen analysis - Prunay-Belleville (F-51), Voie de Baconnes/les Marquises

Collected date : 2007

Archaeological excavation. Only one palynological sample. Positive but with some bad conservation problems.

Pollen analysis - Serrières-de-Briord (F-01), La Chana (?)

Collected date : 2002
Creators : Hervé Richard

Natural site. Drilling. 8 palynological samples. Only 2 positive samples.

Pollen analysis - Sollières-Sardières (F-73), Les Balmes

Collected date : 1994

Archaeological excavation in entrance of a cave served as a sheepfold. 53 palynological samples + 10 radiocarbon datings. Several series: 1985, 1988, 1994. Only some acceptable samples.

Pollen analysis - Mâcon (F-71), Rue Veyle/Rue Sirène

Collected date : 1991
Creators : Hervé Richard

Urban archaeological excavation. 2 palynological samples. Negative.

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