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local : FR-18008901306731-2021-09-09 external : doi:10.25666/DATAOSU-2021-09-09
Description :
Gaia is a cornerstone mission in the science programme of the European Space Agency (ESA). The spacecraft construction was approved in 2006. Both the spacecraft and the payload were built by European industry. The involvement of the scientific community focusses on data processing for which the international Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium (DPAC) was selected in 2007. Gaia was launched on 19 December 2013. The early third data release is based on 34 months of observations, and was issued on 3 December 2020. It contains the five-parameter astrometric solution - positions on the sky (α, δ), parallaxes, and proper motions - for more than 1.4 billion sources, with a limiting magnitude of G = 21 and a bright limit of G ≈ 3. The full description is given in
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astronomy & astrophysics (sciences of the universe)
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Dates :
Data acquisition : from 25 Jul 2014 to 28 May 2017
Data provision : 3 Dec 2020
Metadata record : Creation : 9 Sep 2021

Update periodicity : no update
Language : English (eng)
Audience : Research
Gaia EDR3


DPAC, Céline Reylé (2020): Gaia early Data Release 3. ESA. doi:10.25666/DATAOSU-2021-09-09


Spatial coverage :

  • all sky: everywhere in the sky

Spectral coverage :

Administrative metadata

Data creators : Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium, European Space Agency, Céline Reylé [1] [2]
Data collector : Gaia Data Processing and Analysis Consortium, European Space Agency, Annie Robin [1] [2], Jean-Marc Petit [1] [2], Céline Reylé [1] [2], Sékou Diakité [1] [2]
[1] : Institut UTINAM (UMR 6213) (Université de Franche-Comté)
[2] : Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers - Terre, Homme, Environnement, Temps, Astronomie (UAR 3245) (Université de Franche-Comté)
Publisher : European Space Agency
Label : SNO GAIA
Science contact : Céline Reylé e-mail
Project and funders :
  • GAIA
    • CNES - Centre national d'études spatiales (Another national)
    • ESA - European Space Agency (Another international)
Access : available

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Formats : application/x-votable+xml
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Datatype : Database



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