Japanese disasters database (2021)

[1] : Laboratoire Chrono-environnement (UMR 6249) (Université de Franche-Comté)
[2] : Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers - Terre, Homme, Environnement, Temps, Astronomie (UAR 3245) (Université de Franche-Comté)
Description :
Based on the study of newspaper articles from the Japanese English-language newspaper ‘The Japan Times’, the database contains all the catastrophic events (tsunamis, earthquakes, typhoons, etc.) recorded since the creation of the newspaper in the 1860s. until the 1970s.
Disciplines :
nuclear science & technology (engineering science), anthropology (humanities), asian studies (humanities), communication (humanities), history (humanities), environmental sciences (sciences of the universe), geology (sciences of the universe), geosciences, multidisciplinary (sciences of the universe), meteorology & atmospheric sciences (sciences of the universe), oceanography (sciences of the universe)
Access details :
To access the data, please contact the scientific data manager.

General metadata

Data acquisition date : from Sep 2020 to Sep 2021
Data acquisition methods :
  • Reference data :
    The method is based on a systematic search of issues of The Japan Times newspaper since the 1860s. Secondly, the data collected is integrated into the database in the form of an analysis of the article in English.
Update periodicity : no update
Language : English (eng)
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Audience : University: master, Research, Stakeholder, Policy maker


Spatial coverage :

  • Japon: latitude between 45° 31' 22" N and 30° 59' 39" N, longitude between 129° 20' 27" E and 145° 49' 3" E

Time coverage :

Publications :
  • Misuri, Alessio; Cruz, Ana Maria; Park, Hyejeong; Garnier, Emmanuel; Ohtsu, Nobuhito; Hokugo, Akihiko; Fujita, Isamu; Aoki, Shin-ichi; Cozzani, Valerio, “Flood triggered oil spills: Lessons from the Natech accident in Saga prefecture in August 2019”, Proceedings of the Natural Disaster Science Symposium, n°57, 2020, pp. 34-45. (http://hdl.handle.net/2433/254338)
Project and funders :
Additional information :
Image : stèles du temple bouddhiste de Bukkoji à Nagashima (Japon) commémorant les tsunamis de 1707
et de 1854 (projets PICS CNRS SECURES-Région BFC)
Record created 25 Jun 2021 by Emmanuel Garnier.
Local identifier: FR-18008901306731-2021-06-25.


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