Chemistry, physical

Translations : chemistry, physical ; chimie physique

Domain : chemistry

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Characterization of cyanide-responsive fluorogenic probes

Collected date : from Oct 2022 ongoing

Raw spectroscopic data (IR, NMR, mass spectrometry and UV-visible) and RP-HPLC elution profiles of all compounds described in this study. Raw fluorescence data and RP-HPLC-fluorescence/-MS elution profiles related to fluorogenic activation of probes by cyanide ions.

Reactivity of CuI and CuBr toward Dialkyl Sulfides RSR: From Discrete Molecular Cu4I4S4 and Cu8I8S6 Clusters to Luminescent Copper(I) Coordination Polymers

Collected date : from 2010 to 2014

The CuX salts (X = I, Br) react with SR2 to form molecular clusters of the types [(R2S)4(Cu4I4)] and [(R2S)6(Cu8I8)] or to give 1D polymers and 2D metal−organic frameworks. The cluster nuclearity and connectivity as well as the dimensionality of these compounds depend on the steric demand of SR2, ...

2 results


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