Suzanne Plouin

Main affiliation : Musée Unterlinden de Colmar

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Pollen analysis - Mussig (F-68), Obere Platze (Nachtweide)

Collected date : from 1983 to 1984
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological excavation in tumulus. 12 palynological samples. Analysis have been made by J. Heim (Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium) in 1982.

Pollen analysis - Nordhouse (F-67), Buerkelmatt. Nordhouse 85, 87/Tumulus 2A et 2B

Collected date : 1988
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological excavation. 40 palynological samples. Very bad conservation: nearly sterile samples.

Pollen analysis - Colmar (F-68), Tumulus I de Colmar-Riedwihr (D45)

Collected date : 1985
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological excavation. 17 palynological samples. Rich samples.

3 results


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