Dominique Vuaillat

Main affiliation : Service régional de l'Archéologie de Franche-Comté

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Chavéria (F-39), Les Monteillers, Tumulus 2

Collected date : from 1999 ongoing

Pollen analysis of 4 samples in the heart of the tumulus 2 in the hallstattien necropolis of Montilliers in Chavéria. Very poor in spores and pollen.

Pollen analysis - Fontenu (F-39), Lac de Chalain, stations 13, 14, 15 (BZF III/BZF IV)

Collected date : 1982
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological site. Lake dwelling. 42 palynological samples.

Pollen analysis - Cieux (F-87), Le Gué d'Arnac

Collected date : 1988
Creators : Hervé Richard

Section in an archaeological site. 4 palynological samples + 2 radiocarbon datings. Very bad conservation. Poor samples.

Pollen analysis - Cieux (F-87), Abri des fées

Collected date : from 1987 to 1988
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological excavation, sections. 24 palynological samples + 4 radiocarbon datings. On 3 different sections in the site. Results wich should be published.

Pollen analysis - Beffia (F-39), Tumulus 2001, En Magne ou sur Magne

Disciplines : archaeology
Collected date : from 2001 ongoing
Creators : Hervé Richard

5 palynological samples at the heart of the main burial ground. Almost sterile.

Pollen analysis - Montrond (F-39), Grotte de la Margot (Vaumoidon ou Vaux Moidons)

Collected date : 1983
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological dig; rock shelter. 12 palynological samples. 1 radiocarbon date: 9160 +/- 120 BC.

Pollen analysis - Collondon (F-39), Doucier-Collondon Aux Crevasses

Collected date : 1980
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological excavations: tumulus. 17 palynological samples. Pollen grains differential alteration. Macro-remains analysis made by Karen Lunstrom-Baudais, 1977.

7 results


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