Pollen analysis - Vatteville-la-Rue (F-76), Mare de la Pelouse, Forêt de Brotonne (2024)

Data creator : Hervé Richard [1]
Data collector : Christophe Petit [2]
[1] : Laboratoire Chrono-environnement (UMR 6249) (Université de Franche-Comté)
[2] : Archéologie et Sciences de l'Antiquité (UMR 7041)
Description :
Eight pollen tests carried out on a borehole about one metre deep from a peat bog in the Brotonne forest. Samples very rich in pollen and spores. Last two millennia (Middle Ages?).
Disciplines :
archaeology (humanities), environmental sciences (sciences of the universe), geography, physical (sciences of the universe)
Access details :
To access the data, please contact the scientific data manager.

General metadata

Data acquisition date : from May 2020 ongoing
Data acquisition methods :
  • Experimental data :
    Samples collected by drilling (sonde russe, type GIK).
    Physicochemical preparation with NaOH method.
    Determination and counting of spores and pollens under the microscope.
Language : French (fra)
Formats : application/pdf
Audience : Research


Spatial coverage :

Time coverage :

  • Moyen Âge
Collection :
Record created 13 Apr 2023 by Hervé Richard.
Local identifier: FR-13002091000019-2023-04-13.


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