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Seriality in material culture by Geometric Morphometrics

Collected date : from 1 Jan 2000 to 1 Jan 2024

Geometric Morphometrics of gold wild boar discovered in the Arzhan-2 tomb, Tuva In the field of material culture, seriality refers to the serial production of nearly the same object in terms of shape and size, yielding visually identical artefacts. Subtle variations may nevertheless occur, ...

Pollen analysis - Montlebon (F-25), Sur la Vigne 1 (Morteau A)

Collected date : 1982
Creators : Hervé Richard

Natural site: wet meadow. 99 palynological samples + 4 radiocarbon datings. Drilling of 28.10 meters length.

Pollen analysis - Morteau (F-25), Moulin Bournez

Collected date : 1991
Creators : Hervé Richard

Natural site; weat meadow. 126 palynological samples + 2 radiocarbon datings. 33,57 meters length drilling.

Pollen analysis - Morteau (F-25), Stade

Collected date : 1982
Creators : Hervé Richard

Natural site; weat meadow. 62 palynological samples. 12 meters length drilling.

Pollen analysis - Arcenant (F-21), Les Berthières (Merovingian necropolis)

Collected date : 1986
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological site: Merovingian tombs. 2 palynological samples.

Pollen analysis - Pont-du-Navoy (F-39), lower river terrace of the Ain river

Collected date : 1995
Creators : Hervé Richard

Natural site. Geological section in pleniglacial varves. 3 palynological samples.

Pollen analysis - Ranchot (F-39), Abri des Cabones 1984 + Châteauneuf

Collected date : 1984
Creators : Hervé Richard

Archaeological excavation: rock shelter. 5 palynological samples. 1 sample in "Abri de Chateauneuf" (47°09'13.28/5°54'14.05). First analysis: J. Heim, 1979.

7 results


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