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Données de thèse

Données collectées dans le cadre d'une thèse.

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Sample depth (m), TOC (wt. %, whole rock), TN (ppm, wholerock), TOC/TN, δ13Corg (‰ vs. PDB), and δ15Nbulk (‰ vs. air), for samples analyzed along the GT13 and GT16 drill cores (Serra Sul Formation, Amazonian Craton, Brazil).

Collected date : from 1 Jan 2020 to 1 Jan 2023
Creators : Christophe Thomazo

Nitrogen and Carbon isotope data from the Neoarchean GT13 and GT16 drill cores (Serra Sul Formation, Amazonian Craton, Brazil)

Satellite images of cloud types products in West Africa from March to August in 2017

It is products developped by Meteo France through the SAF application, showing the types of clouds in function of their elevation.


This project is based on three disciplines: seismology, hydrogeology and climatology. It aims to develop a new approach to monitor hydrogeological reservoirs, in particular karst aquifers, subject to extreme climatic events. The objective is to carry out 4D imaging during floods in a watershed ...

Modelling the response of Antarctic marine species to environmental changes. Methods, applications and limitations

Collected date : from 1 Jan 2017 to 9 Jul 2021

Ecological modelling is nowadays widely used to highlight the environmental conditions that influence the species ecological niche and better understand their response to environmental changes. Methodological challenges are however present for Southern Ocean marine case studies and it is important ...

4 results


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