Who is dat@Biogéosciences for ?

dat@Biogéosciences is a platform that provides a description of digital data sets from scientific research in the form of metadata records.

These records are freely available to all for scientific purposes, through a consultation interface.

What is metadata ?

Datasets and databases are described by a set of metadata.

Metadata is data that describes other data. It answers the questions Where? When? Who? What? How? Why?

Its aim is to facilite the search, use and exploitation of data it describes.

The home page

The home page provides:
  • Access to metadata records by:
    • the "search" field,
    • clicking on a keyword cloud,
    • clicking on its title in the list of recent records created or updated,
    • through the full list of records.
  • an advanced search (which is currently under development).
  • to be informed about the latest records created or updated via the RSS feed.
  • access to information pages such as « legal notice » or « about ».
  • the possibility to send a message to the webmaster.
  • the possibility to apply for registration to dat@Biogéosciences.

Search records

There are several tools allowing visitors to access the metadata records. These are available from the home page through the means described above.

The result of each search is shown in the display page of the the lists of records. In this page, it will then be possible to refine the search.


From this general list, the user is provided with several search modes:

  1. Simple search

    This method allows a free text query on the entire record (title, description, keywords ...) through a search bar at the top of the page.

  2. Faceted search

    This search mode allows to filter results by one or several criteria such as discipline, data language, publisher ...

    These results are organized through filter fonctions: by last update, by date of creation, by title and by selection of a number of records to display.

Consulting a metadata record

It is possible to access to a record by clicking on its title or thumbnail.

The presentation of metadata is structured into several categories:
  • General metadata (identifier, description, title...)
  • Coverages (spatial coverage, taxonomic coverage...)
  • Administrative metadata (creator, contributor...)
  • Technical metadata (format, method...)
  • Structural metadata (publication, collection...)
To access data:
The type of data access is defined by their providers.
  • In case of open access, the user can directly view (or query) the data by clicking the button access to data.
  • In case of restricted access: the user is invited to contact the “scientific contact” of the metadata record.

Apply for registration

Access to the input interface is reserved for any people registered in the platform.

For any unregistered people, access to the input interface can be made on request to the team dat@Biogéosciences via the registration form.

In case of problem

In case of difficulty, please fill the bottom contact form on the home page stating your request.


dat@Biogéosciences is a sub-portal of dat@UBFC, a metadata catalogue for research data produced at UBFC.

Terms of use
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