Seriality in material culture by Geometric Morphometrics (2024)

[1] : Archéologie, Terre, Histoire, Sociétés (UMR 6298) (Université de Bourgogne)
[2] : Laboratoire Biogéosciences (UMR 6282) (Université de Bourgogne)
[3] : Centre André Chastel : Laboratoire de recherche en histoire de l'art (UMR 8150)
[4] : Musée d'Anthropologie Préhistorique de Monaco
[5] : Centre pluridisciplinaire textes et culture (Université de Bourgogne)
[6] : National Museum of Republic of Tuva
Description :
Geometric Morphometrics of gold wild boar discovered in the Arzhan-2 tomb, Tuva

In the field of material culture, seriality refers to the serial production of nearly the same object in terms of shape and size, yielding visually identical artefacts. Subtle variations may nevertheless occur, depending on the technologies used, or the number and reliability of moulds, for example. Geometric morphometrics (GM) based on landmark analysis, along with accompanying statistical techniques, provides methods well-suited for identifying small but archaeologically significant variations in shape and size within such datasets. In this study, we exemplify the efficiency of GM in a context of seriality using a large series of centimetric-sized golden wild boars decorating a case for bow and arrows, discovered in the Arzhan-2 barrow of the early Scythian time.
This supplementary material accompanies the aforementioned manuscript and contains the following elements:

Code: The code is provided in the form of an R project.
Images: The images selected for the analysis.
Landmark Coordinates: The landmark coordinates for three operators.
Running this code reproduces the analyses and figures reported in the paper.
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Data acquisition date : from 1 Jan 2000 to 1 Jan 2024
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Language : English (eng)
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  • Période étudiée: 7e siècle av. JC
Publications :
  • Studying seriality in material culture by Geometric Morphometrics –Gold wild boars from the Arzhan-2 barrow, Tuva – (Article soumis à Journal of Archaeological Science)


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