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Country : France (FRA)
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Bronze Age solid-hilted swords

Disciplines : archaeology
Collected date : from 1 Sep 2015 to 2 Jul 2022
Creators : Léonard Dumont

Inventory of European Bronze Age solid-hilted swords. The dataset provides information regarding the provenance, context, typology and production techniques of the investigated swords.

Seriality in material culture by Geometric Morphometrics

Collected date : from 1 Jan 2000 to 1 Jan 2024

Geometric Morphometrics of gold wild boar discovered in the Arzhan-2 tomb, Tuva In the field of material culture, seriality refers to the serial production of nearly the same object in terms of shape and size, yielding visually identical artefacts. Subtle variations may nevertheless occur, ...

2 results


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