Dataset : In vivo skin anisotropy dataset for a young man (28 years old) by annular suction


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local : FR-18008901306731-2021-08-25 external : doi:10.25666/DATAOSU-2021-08-25
Description :
The aim of our study is to characterize the anisotropic and viscoelastic behavior of the skin. Thus, a campaign of in vivo ring suction tests was conducted using the CutiScan®CS100 device from Courage and Khazaka electronics. 30 tests were performed on the anterior forearm of a 28-year-old Caucasian male at different pressure set-points ranging from 100 mbar to 500 mbar with an increment of 20 mbar. The dataset is primarily consisted of video files of the tests recorded by the CutiScan® probe-camera. After data treatment with digital image correlation technique based on a home-made Python program, we obtain secondary data tables and figures of 2D-displacement vectors at each grid point. These experimental data could be used to identify anisotropic and/or viscoelastic parameters.
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materials science, multidisciplinary (chemistry), computer science, software engineering (engineering science), engineering, mechanical (engineering science), mechanics (engineering science), medical informatics (fundamental biology), dermatology (medical research), surgery (medical research)
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Data acquisition : from Nov 2020 to Jan 2021
Data provision : 7 Apr 2021
Metadata record : Creation : 25 Aug 2021 Update : 30 Jun 2022

Language : English (eng)
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This dataset has been built in the context of Aflah Elouneg's PhD thesis under the supervision of Jérôme Chambert (Associate Professor in Mechanics), Emmanuelle Jacquet (Associate Professor in Mechanics) and Arnaud Lejeune (Research Engineer in computational science) at Department of Applied Mechanics of FEMTO-ST Institute UMR CNRS 6174
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Aflah Elouneg, Audrey Bertin (2021): In vivo skin anisotropy dataset for a young man (28 years old) by annular suction. FEMTO-ST. doi:10.25666/DATAOSU-2021-08-25

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Data creators : Aflah Elouneg [1], Audrey Bertin [1]
Related person : Emmanuelle Jacquet [1], Jérôme Chambert [1], Arnaud Lejeune [1], Quentin Lucot [1], Elodie Veyrat-Durebex [1], Vincent Tissot [1]
[1] : Franche-Comté Electronique Mécanique Thermique et Optique - Sciences et Technologies (UMR 6174) (Université de Franche-Comté)
Publisher : Franche-Comté Electronique Mécanique Thermique et Optique - Sciences et Technologies (UMR 6174)
Science contact : Emmanuelle Jacquet website e-mail
Computing contact : Arnaud Lejeune website e-mail
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Access : available

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Formats : image/png, text/csv, video/x-msvideo
Data acquisition methods :
  • Experimental data :
    The measurements were conducted 30 times on the same site on the inner part of the forearm. The forearm must be positioned so that the skin part being tested is perfectly perpendicular to the CutiScan® probe. In addition, the 5 mm diameter observable part of the skin must not contain any hair. The tests have been done at ambient temperature in a windowless room and as often as possible at the same time slot to minimize the effects of daily habits on the skin stiffness (morning shower, sport practice, time of aclimatization, etc.). Raw data in video format were collected for 21 different pressures ranging from 100 mbar to 500 mbar with a step size of 20 mbar. Secondary data consisting of 2D displacement for all mapped grid nodes were determined by a program based on PyDIC library through image correlation technique. They are stored in tables and illustrated on images with scaled vectors.
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