Dataset : Climate projection over France (8 km resolution) CMIP5


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Identifiers :
local : FR-18008901306731-2021-04-12-02 external : doi:10.25666/DATAOSU-2021-04-12-02
Description :
The set of climate projections available corresponds to the GCM (Global Circulation Model) data from CMIP5 (Coupled Model Intercomparison Project; Taylor et al., 2012) used in the fifth IPCC report. A total of 23 GCMs from 16 different institutions were downloaded on the ESGF (Earth System Grid Federation; portal. For all available models, the r1i1p1 ensemble is selected for the historical experiment, RCP4.5 and RCP8.5 climatic projection. Maximum and minimum temperatures, precipitation and relative humidity are statistically downscaled and debiased at 8 km grid scale using the quantile mapping method (Gudmundsson et al., 2012) with SAFRAN observed climate data (Météo-France; Soubeyrou et al., 2018). Climatic data are available for the 1980-2100 period at daily time steps.
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environmental sciences (sciences of the universe), geosciences, multidisciplinary (sciences of the universe), meteorology & atmospheric sciences (sciences of the universe)
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Dates :
Data acquisition : from 1 Sep 2019 to 1 Sep 2020
Data provision : 12 Apr 2021
Metadata record : Creation : 12 Apr 2021 Update : 20 Jul 2021

Update periodicity : no update
Language : English (eng)
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To access the data, please contact the data server manager (computing contact) to create an account to freely access the data.
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Sébastien Zito, Julien Pergaud, Thierry Castel (2021): Climate projection over France (8 km resolution) CMIP5. Biogéosciences. doi:10.25666/DATAOSU-2021-04-12-02


Spatial coverage :

  • France: latitude between 51° 33' 58" N and 42° 6' 5" N, longitude between 5° 6' 20" W and 8° 37' 14" E

Time coverage :

  • Between 1961 and 2100

Administrative metadata

Data creators : Sébastien Zito [1] [2], Julien Pergaud [1] [2], Thierry Castel [1] [2]
Data collector : Yves Richard [1] [2], Benjamin Bois [1] [2], Julien Pergaud [1] [2]
[1] : Laboratoire Biogéosciences (UMR 6282) (Université de Bourgogne)
[2] : Observatoire des Sciences de l'Univers - Terre, Homme, Environnement, Temps, Astronomie (UAR 3245) (Université de Bourgogne)
Publisher : Laboratoire Biogéosciences (UMR 6282)
Label : Mésocentre(s) UBFC
Science contact : Sébastien Zito e-mail
Computing contact : Julien Pergaud website
Access : available

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Formats : application/x-netcdf
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Datatype : Dataset


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